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We are a Control4 dealer, a Control4 installer, and handle all aspects of this and related Control4 products. Not everyone is authorized to provide Control4’s products. In order to become certified by Control4, certain training needs to be successfully completed to ensure exceptional support for you and your new home system. As a certified dealer, we are there for you through the whole process and are able to work with you to provide the home automation you want and need today, while also ensuring you have a strong base for what you might end up looking to install in the future. We aren’t there to set up your system and leave. We want to develop a strong relationship with our customers, so we can be there for you long past our initial installation.

Your home automation can manage everything in your house from security and door locks to your entertainment and home’s lighting, all from a central control hub. There are home automation solutions to all your needs, and we can help you find the perfect fit for your home.

What is an Open Source Home Automation Hub?

To put it simply, an open-source home automation control 4 hub is the device that connects all your home’s automated systems to one location. The hub is what allows communication between you and the different systems, and depending on the hub, it can even facilitate communication between the systems themselves. The hub allows you to control the entirety of your home or business from one central location or app, which saves you time and hassle as you don’t have to use multiple apps or remotes to operate that various systems in your home.

More Choices. Better Options

We have everything you could need for your smart home. From the basics to new additions, your needs will be met, and as a Control4 dealer, we are able to provide insight and guidance on everything Control4 has to offer. We plan your home’s upgrades with you, to make sure that you understand what’s going into your home and so that we understand what you’re looking for. Our extensive knowledge means we are able to answer any and all questions you may have about home automation, the system’s interface and functions, and how we’ll set up your network. You don’t have to worry about doing research or installing these complex systems. We’re here to install the systems and network and make sure it all comes together like lightning in a bottle.

Don’t pass up the home of a lifetime. Take control like never before! Make your home a Control4 smart home. Call us about Control4 Prices, installation, and any questions you have about Control4 software and products.

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