About Us

Flagship Audio Video (Flagship AV) has been in business since 2010, and our staff represents over a decade of experience in our field. No matter what sort of project you have in mind, from the simplest hanging of a new television to the creation of a multi- media room, we can handle every aspect of the project. Many homeowners or business owners do not realize the scope of the project, including the fact that other professionals might be needed for certain steps (electricians, carpenters, sheetrockers). Why not let Flagship AV act as your general contractor to help maintain the single voice that is necessary to bring your dream to life.

We not only can install your project, but our experts offer you a no obligation on-site estimation. This is extremely important for you as it allows us to envision what is really needed to fully implement your project. You do not want to be half-way through and discover that you need electrical work that would tear out the cabinetry you just installed. This is where our years of experience comes into play. We know that you need your work done on time, on budget, and with results that you want!

Flagship AV offers solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Our 5 star ratings with the Google, Yelp, Home Advisor is not accidental, but is based on our loyalty to our customers who trusts us to do what we promise. Please read our testimonials to see what actual customers have to say about their dealings with us. There can be no greater endorsement for any company than a satisfied customer.

You can also look at our portfolio to see the type of projects we offer, and see the end result. We take your dream and literally convert it to a reality, and include all of the components you want and require. Our company philosophy is to analyze your needs, develop a system that fits in with both your budget and time line, and deliver it.

We are a Control4 Dealer and are using this amazing control platform for any space or project. We can install a new system for you, or upgrade your current system to include capabilities that were not available when it was originally installed. If we can use part of the older system and upgrade it, that is what we will propose to save you both time and money.

Flagship AV also specializes in Smart Home/Business Automation that allows for the integration of all devices into one easy to use interface. Our website was designed to inspire you to create the system of your dreams, as the possibilities are literally endless. You are only limited by your imagination and your budget.

If you are uncertain whether your business or residence is included in our service area, just call us.

Since we offer everything from the installation and configuration of Dedicated Theaters to full Home and Business Automation, you know that we should be the first company you call. No job is too small or too large to require the best in service and affordable cost. If you don’t deserve the best, who does?

Check out our licenses and affiliations below. They can help assure you that we know our business. We believe that the more checking you do, the better chance you will find that being our customer is the best solution for you.